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Script of Bong

Bong - The Song Of Soul
Everything in excess is poison is really appropriate for this modern era. Excessiveness of materialistic life style has created the situation that Man is a missing existence admist of crowd. So he is facing constantly stress and creates depression, which makes his life tottering. So, he is always in search for the remedy to get rid of these stress and get mental peace by harmony with soul. For this, every saints has recommended the way of meditation, which brings relaxation of mind and body, with which he actually feels the phenomenon of 'Sat - Chit - Anand' (divine pleasure)

But today when every person deadly require 25th hour a day, it is difficult to spare such time to get relax with the help of meditation. In these circumstances, Bong is rather solution for the purpose. By smoking bong one can lost in one self, as it gives a relaxing feel with each blow. This situation of mind creates harmony with soul. Thus bong is the song of soul - a treasure of divine pleasure. i.e. 'Sat - Chit - Anand'. Bong is not a new concept - it is only a new form of ancient smoking units. i.e. Chillum, Pipe and Hukkah. The chillum is a kind of narrow funnel made of clay and other materials. It is thought to originate in India. The chillum is special as its origin is purely spiritual. The holy men from India - the Sadhu (Hindu Priests) have been smoking their chillum for thousands of years. In the sixties the chillum started being used in Europe and America by the Hippie movement. Smoking chillum is always better than smoking a cigarette, as it's faster and you don't need any tobacco.

Our modern smoking pipe is copied from traditional smoking pipes of Indian tribes. They considered their pipe as a connection between soul and spiritual power. Now a days pipes are made of nearly all sorts of materials like glass, stone, ceramic, wood, metal and bamboo. Each of these materials has its own pro's and con's. The bong is a sealed chamber half - full with water. A pipe with a bowl on the end goes into the chamber under water level. Another pipe with a mouthpiece on the end enter the chamber and stays above water level. You put your favorite smoking blend in the bowl, light it and suck on the mouthpiece. This will lower the air pressure in the chamber, causing air to travel from the bowl, through the water, into the chamber and into your lungs. As the smoke enters the chambers through the water, the smoke cools down and a large part of carcinogens like tar are filtered by the water.

In addition the water cools the hot smoke and protects mucus remembrance of the lungs, will be less harmed when smoking your favorite smoking blend. You should not use tobacco, this way you will only get pure herbal ingredients in your lungs, creating a feeling that is intensive and clear, and you feel yourself fresh and relaxed. As you don't burn the plants, only the active healing chemicals and the etherical oils vaporize. This way you inhale all the good part of the herb without the tar and carbon monoxide, which are hazardous for lungs and health. All the stress and tension melt in the smokes for a while. It is a high time you get harmony with your soul - that is the purpose and so we say Bong is the song of soul.